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Why, you ask?
Because I simply don't want any of my family members to read this.
If you want to get access to my journal either leave a comment or add me and I will add you back.

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Welcome to the friends-only club, Dodoness!

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LMAO!!! Thanx Didiness.
I still think it's weird. *nods*

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whoa... that comes out when you type in "germany" as country and "nsync" as interest into LJ search...

*waves* hey I am german too and from sachsen-anhalt ^^... I had to add you to my friends list... maybe you can add me back...

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Oh wow! *waves*
Hi there! Nice to meet u.
Where exactly are u from???
And where do u know Ravid (crazyfornsync) from? ( I just checked ur friends list :p )
Thanx for adding me. I added u back. :D

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Nice to meet you too. And thanks a lot for adding me back.

Actually I am from Bernburg but now I live in Halle because of my studies... I hope these cities sound familiar to you... they are in the south of Sachsen-Anhalt...

And I know [ profile] crazyfornsync from the Update Whore List I don't know them personally but fans of *NSYNC are always my friends... and I needed some more friends on my list...

Do you write fanfiction? Of *NSYNC or other celebs? I am just curious :)

Hope to talk to you later!

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Yep I've heard of these cities before and I've even been to Halle.
(well eh..kinda..for "Jugend forscht"...I didn't really see much of it though :p)

I don't writre fanfic. Well not really.
Me and my friend write something that could be called fanfiction but it's different. Hard to explain.
Do u write fanfic????

Sorry for not replying sooner.
Take care

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Hi Dodo! It's Laura aka ChezChasez21 at NSMB, and I was wondering if you would like to be my LJ friend. huh? huh? what do ya say? ::big smile:: lol.

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I'd love to be ur LJ friend. *runs off to add you*
*huggles Laura*

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Hola Dodo!

Okay, I totally forgot what I was going to write in this space. Oh well.Oh yeah, the friends thingy. add me.:)

Mace Power!

-Mary C.

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Hi Mary C.!!! *waves*
Added ya!! Btw..I love ur layout!
And..what I've always wanted to tell ya...My Pan is at least 17 times better than ur Mace!! *nods*

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Thanks :)
I got it off some wallpaper website.
Oh yeah it is because you can what knock someone temporany out with a pan you can only make someone blind for about two minutes. But, I still love that stuff yeah!

-Loving Mace-
Mary C.
ps Don't hit me with the pan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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And I won't hit u.I'm niiiice. :D
But u have to promise me that u won't uh..spray me with ur mace,kay???

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I would never spray you with the mace!


(Anonymous) 2003-05-13 03:06 am (UTC)(link)
|>|-|3/-\|2 +|-|3 |>/-\|\|iiiiii

Re: JohnnyTheSque

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Now..if u could just tell me how to read that.
That's unfair!!!
What does it mean???
(U better tell me or I'll hit u with my PAN)


(Anonymous) 2003-05-15 07:01 am (UTC)(link)
Fear the pan but worded and spelled like this = phear the pan!!!
(deleted comment)

Re: Hi

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Ohhh Hi there Noa!
That's cool! I added ya :D

can you,

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add me? :) i'm babydawl from NSMB..i know we've never talked,but maybe we can sometime!

Re: can you,

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Hi there!!
I just added you and I hope we can talk sometime! :D

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Hi Dodo *waves* I've just added you :-) Now let's go drool over Johnny *broad grin*

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Heya! *waves*
Thanks for adding me.I've just added you back!
Btw...what's your name? :/

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My name is Kirsten :-)

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hey im from the jjb. I added you if thats ok!

[identity profile] 2005-03-01 06:09 am (UTC)(link)
Hi there!
I added you back! Nice to meet a fellow JJBer. :D

[identity profile] 2005-07-11 01:24 am (UTC)(link)
hey it's me! you're doing that layout for me! I thought of something else you could add if you could contact me :) thanks!

[identity profile] 2005-07-20 03:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey... I <3 John Mayer. :D

Add me please?

I'm loving that graphic btw. :)

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I just did the same thing [ profile] justygirl82 did, which is search for people in Germany who like NSync. Came up with a lousy 29 results - huh.

Anyway, since you're one of the 29 and live in Osnabrück, which is a) close to Münster and b) where I went to university ("university of applied sciences", that is, in OS-Haste) for a year, I thought I might add you. If that's okay with you!?

[identity profile] 2005-08-23 07:39 am (UTC)(link)
Ohhh nice. A German nsync fan- those a rather rare. ;)
I just did the same thing, search for people from Germany who like nsync that is, and I only got 26. Even worse than your result, but what's more important- where did the other 3 disappear to?

Anyways, I just added you back and I'm looking forward to reading your entries. Though, I must warn you- my journal is not very interesting and hardly informative and, what's even worse, my English tends to be a bit...*facepalm* at times.
But if that doesn't bother you...welcome to my friends list! :)

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Though, I must warn you- my journal is not very interesting and hardly informative and, what's even worse, my English tends to be a bit...*facepalm* at times.
But if that doesn't bother you...welcome to my friends list! :)

I'm pretty sure this won't bother me at all, since the same basically applies to my journal.
Furthermore, I feel like it hardly represents me anymore. Most of the stuff I write is pointless crap that doesn't even remotely sound like me *sigh* Anyway, enough with the self-loathing - you'll get enough of that from me in the futur. Whee!

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JJBer here.

[identity profile] 2006-01-23 09:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Just added you. :)

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hey i use to follow your journal way back when, (then i was jssenorita) if you're still active could you add me again